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John Hinchliffe is an internationally recognised multi-award-winning digital learning expert and speaker with over 15 years in the industry. 

Named as one of eLearningIndustry's Top 30 Trailblazing Thought leaders and winner of the prestigious 'Colin Corder Award for Outstanding Contribution to Learning', he has led learning initiatives within corporates, eLearning studios and even academia in both the UK and the Middle East. He is the founder of the Global Learning and Development Community (GLDC) and has served on the Board of Directors for the eLearning Network.

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Whether you are an individual or an L&D team, I provide both upskilling courses and tailored solutions to assist you in making your skill development aspirations a reality.

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Whether you are a teacher looking to transition into Instructional Design or a Learning Professional exploring how to evolve your skillset, this bite-sized course has been specially designed to give anyone the most well-rounded knowledge of what Instructional Design really means and how they can effectively create meaningful eLearning.

With over 4,000 learners, you are able to join a thriving community of learning professionals looking to support one another on their Instructional Designer journey, no matter their experience.

Yvonne S.

Superb! this online course is great --because I learned what  instructional design is, how to start it and implement it. John provides a lot of resources. He covers this topic from A to Z.

Erika L.

I thought the course was great! John did a wonderful job of providing someone new to the field with knowledge and resources to really dive into. I learned a lot through the course and thought it was easy to follow, navigate and learn from.


A great overview of instructional design with a wealth of resources. I will be coming back to this course many times, review content and access tools.

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I'm a regular speaker at international conferences as well as on numerous webinars and podcasts. Here is a selection of media appearances covering a variety of L&D topics.



  • The future of L&D
  • Transforming F2F training to Digital
  • The L&D skills and roles needed for modern L&D teams
  • Effective EdTech Strategies




Colin Corder Award - The Learning Awards 2023
Learning Giveback Silver - LPI Learning Awards 2022
Top Marketing Leader - eLearning Industry 2021
Learning Professional of the Year Silver - Learning Awards 2020
Covid Champion - LPI Learning Awards 2021
Learning Designer of the Year - LT Awards 2019, 2017, & 2016